mailing mail‧ing [ˈmeɪlɪŋ] noun [countable] MARKETING
an occasion when information or advertising material is sent through the mail to a large number of people at one time, or the information or advertising material sent in this way; = mailshot Bre:

• Tick this box if you do not wish to receive mailings from other companies.

• She follows up the mailings with phone calls.

* * *

mailing UK US /ˈmeɪlɪŋ/ noun [C] COMMUNICATIONS, MARKETING
(UK also mailout, UK also mailshot) the act of sending letters, packages, or electronic messages to a lot of people at one time: »

If you received a mailing of a 38-page brochure, it's because you signed up at one of our stores.


A second mailing had a big impact on increasing return rates.

US (UK mailshot) a paper advertisement sent to homes or businesses: »

I've got 1,500 mailings that have to get out before the evening post.

See also DIRECT MAILING(Cf. ↑direct mailing), MAILER(Cf. ↑mailer), MASS MAILING(Cf. ↑mass mailing)

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